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The Seventh Final Steering Committee Meeting


Event on closing the Project

March 14, 2016 - a joint international conference of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, the EU Delegation and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the European Union (OHIM) took place at the All-Russian Patent and Technical Library. The event was timed to the completion of a joint project of ROSPATENT and OHIM "Modernization of the IPR System in the Russian Federation".

The project "Modernization of the IPR System in the Russian Federation" (hereafter PRMIP) was launched in January 2013. Its main goals are the modernization of specific areas in the IP field and alignment with the European legal processes and procedures. P4MIP is a part of the Initiative Russia-European Union (EU) "Partnership for Modernization".

In the framework of P4MIP, Rospatent and OHIM have been working in two main areas: modernization of the Russian IP system for improving of the economic environment and innovation, as well as approximation of the laws and administrative procedures of the EU and Russia. All of the activities of the partners have been divided into five components: the legal comparison of Russian and the EU legislation and development of recommendations aimed at their approximation; the adoption of guidelines for the examination of industrial designs and trademarks for the purpose of standardization and codification of the examination practice; the development of recommendations on quality management; the analysis of the differences of appeals procedures and recommendations for the purpose of convergence of these procedures.

Some of the more concrete results of work has been the free access for Russian users to the systems TMview, TMclass and Designview and the development of draft Guidelines. Also, the P4MIP project enabled a detailed review of quality management system in the proceedings before the Office. In total, the parties have reached 19 results, which importance was referred to by representatives of Rospatent as well as representatives of the OHIM and the European Union.

At the final conference the parties defined possible directions of further cooperation among which were identified the development of methodologies for socio-economic studies on the incidence of IPRs in Russia, capacity training for IPR enforcement actors (customs, police); training and workshops for members of specialized courts of IPRs, etc.

Participants marked that it is necessary to continue working together on IP tools and resources. Also, OHIM representatives are willing to continue bilateral cooperation with Rospatent within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Gregory Ivliev, Director General of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property:

- This project has been approved at the highest level in Russia and the European Union. We spent a great deal of work, achieved good results. Our work on the Project have just coincided with changes in the legislation, and those changes included major points of our work. We continue to move towards each other, in particular, we create Rospatent Quality Council and make changes to the work of the Chamber of Patent Disputes. We are going to continue our cooperation with OHIM.

Luis Portero, representative of the EU Delegation in the Russian Federation:

- Completing a successful project where Rospatent was the driving force, it is important to look to the future. How to maintain the achieved results? What benefits will it bring to the economy? Everyone understands that the protection of IP rights should not be underestimated. Intellectual property is the foundation of innovation, the approximation of legislation and the convergence of practices in Russian and EU law enforcement for the interests of right holders reinforce the credibility of the market, protects investments, and provides a transition from resource-based economy to an economy of innovations.

Ernesto Rubio, representative of OHIM President:

- The results we have achieved are impressive: I am glad that we have reached a mutual understanding on many issues, and have developed a synergy that may help to determine the effective work in the field of IPR in Russia and Europe for many years.

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