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Press-release on joint Seminar and the 4th Steering Committee Meeting being held by OHIM and Rospatent within the project “Modernization of the IPR System in the Russian Federation”


On 11th December 2014, Rospatent jointly with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) held the “Seminar to Present and Discuss the Gap Study of Provisions of the EU Legal Acts and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Ch.IV Related with Trade Marks and Designs”.

The event is one of the main results reached in the course of realization of Component 1 “Legal comparison of Russian and EU Trade mark and Design legislation” of the joint Rospatent-OHIM project “Modernization of the IPR System in the Russian Federation” (the P4M-IP Project).

The representatives of the following international bodies, state authorities and organizations participated therein: WIPO, OHIM, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rospatent, Russian Intellectual Property Court, EU Delegation to Russia, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Association of European Businesses, Foundation “Skolkovo”, CCI of Russia, as well as such universities as RGAIS, SCOLIPE, and etc.

Within the Seminar, the results and conclusions of the draft gap analysis of the Russian and European legislation on trademarks and designs prepared by the independent OHIM expert Svetlana Kazmina were presented in order to receive the comments from the participants. These comments and proposals will be considered for a final document containing the above gap study.

The participants of Seminar are also invited to present not later than 31st January 2015 their additional comments to the following contact points:

Mariano Riccheri
P4M-IP Key Expert

Maria Orekhova
International Cooperation Department, Rospatent

On 12th December, representatives of Rospatent, OHIM and the EU Delegation to Russia participated also in the 4th Steering Committee Meeting of the P4M-IP Project and discussed further activities and priorities on the implementation thereof.

International Cooperation Department