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Trilateral Seminar on Intellectual Property


On September 5, 2014 the second trilateral seminar was held at the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), organized by Rospatent in cooperation with the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC (SIPO) and the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia. The seminar was dedicated to the topic defined as the “Administrative Resolution of Intellectual Property Disputes” which proved to be quite interesting among specialists dealing with matters of intellectual property protection and enforcement in Russia. Alongside specialists of Rospatent representatives of the Court for Intellectual Property Rights, the Russian Academy of Justice, the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property as well as the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation took part in the seminar.

The opening remarks were presented to the participants of the seminar by Acting Director General of Rospatent Ms. Liubov Kiriy, Deputy Commissioner of SIPO Mr. He Zhimin, Director General of IPOM Mr. Namjil Chinbat, Director of the WIPO Office in Russia Mr. Michal Svantner, Deputy Chairman of the Court for Intellectual Property Rights Mr. Georgiy Danilov.

A wide range of matters related to administrative resolution of intellectual property disputes in Russia, China and Mongolia were discussed at the seminar. Specifically, the specialists of Rospatent provided information about the procedure of consideration of appeals at the Chamber of Patent Disputes and also presented an overview of judicial practices in cases involving Chinese and Mongolian persons and pertaining to appellation of decisions of Rospatent. The representatives of SIPO introduced the participants of the seminar to the procedure and practices of patent reexamination in China, as well as to matters of administrative protection of patent rights in China. The delegates of Mongolia provided the general information about intellectual property protection in Mongolia and also presented the procedure of administrative resolution of intellectual property disputes in Mongolia.

The participants recognized the relevance of the information exchanged in the course of the seminar, noted the importance of interaction between the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian patent offices and expressed their intent to strengthen the trilateral cooperation.

Within the framework of the trilateral seminar the meetings between delegations of Rospatent and SIPO as well as delegations of Rospatent and IPOM took place aimed at discussing areas of further development of bilateral cooperation.

International Cooperation Department

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