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Project - Component 4


Teaching IP economics

To address the deterioration in scientific presence since soviet times the Russian government has formulated a strategy to develop science and innovation and specifically improve links with industry and commerce. This fourth aspect focuses on a specific area of IP education that will contribute to the above challenge and aims to enhance the teaching of applied and practical aspects of Industrial property by the Russian State Educational Institute for Intellectual Property (RGIIS).


  • May 27-28, 2010 — Seminar/roundtable : IP and economics, interdisciplinary approaches in Europe
  • June 24, 2010 — Working meeting with expert from the European  Institute for Entreprise and Intellectual Property (France) on Teaching IP in Economics and Management (Russian Approach)


  • Mission report of the visit of Mr. Antoine Dintrich (the European Institute for Entreprise and Intellectual Property) to RGIIS on 24th June, 2010 (PDF – 300 Kb)


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  Главная - Деятельность - Project - Component 4
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