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Annual report of Rospatent 2014 (Section 5)



5.1. The State Patent Collection

The State Patent Collection (hereinafter referred to as the «SPC») is a set of information resources stored on any media, systematized and provided with a complex of indices and reference aids maintained in respect to all industrial property rights including registered computer programs, databases and topographies of integrated circuits, which comprises patent documents and literature, publications related to the patent law, normative and methodological literature, and other scientific and technical publications for reference purposes.

The SPC is currently presented in both tangible (collections on paper, microforms, and optical disks) and electronic forms (modern automated patent information system PatSearch, currently being the most important and rapidly developing element of the SPC). The functionality of this system intended primarily for organizing the work of the patent examiners. The system can be used (with some restrictions) by all categories of the users in the display room of the Patent Library (VPTB).

In 2014, the SPC was customarily updated with national and foreign patent documents within the international exchange activities and under the special bilateral agreements with the Patent Offices of 57 countries, five international organizations and the Institute of Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law named after M. Planck (Germany).

The modern forms of providing information to the users have caused the change in the ways of international exchange and, therefore, the types of acquisition and maintenance of the SPC.

At the moment, the international exchange of patent documentation is carried out by uploading the data on the basis of specific bilateral agreements or written notices in relation thereto, being traditionally free, rather than reimbursable. Part of the documentation is supplied on a tangible media (paper or electronic form).

Following the global trends of patent documents presentation on the network resource, the official journals of Rospatent have been published on the official website of FIPS starting from January 1, 2014. The way of data transmission in the framework of international exchange has also been changed: Rospatent documentation is now available to foreign patent offices through a special FTP-server using login and password.

The structure of the international exchange of patent documentation with the foreign patent offices is illustrated by data shown in Table 5.1.1.

Table 5.1.1

International Exchange of Patent Documentation

Foreign Patent Documents Received for the SPC (Thousand of Copies)





Total in electronic form (CD, DVD, FTP)





National Patent Documents Sent Abroad (Thousand of Copies)

Total in electronic form (CD, DVD)




Data transmission via FTP**

* From 2014 the accounting system of foreign documents in the SPC was changed, duplicates does not include in SPC.

** From 2014 the Russian patent documents posted on the FTP-server, passwords were sent to 57 foreign patent offices and 5 international organizations.

In 2014, the SPC acquisition documentation was received from the patent offices on the optical disk (CD-and / or DVD-ROM) or uploaded in the PatSearch system from the official websites or special network resources of patent offices in batch mode. In 2014, the SPC system for the accounting of foreign documents was changed. Duplicates are not now included in SPC anymore.

All retrospective sets of national and foreign patent documentation of countries of the PCT minimum documentation, being available in the SPC on machine-readable media, as well as the current national and foreign documentation on optical disks and documentation uploaded from the web sites of the foreign Patent Offices are uploaded in the PatSearch system,.

Well-known abstract information of the global patent collection Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) published by the company Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Ltd. is also loaded to PatSearch system within the framework of the contract for the provision to FIPS updates of database for the period from 2014 to 2016.

The FIPS Patent Library (VPTB), when processing acquisition and maintenance of the SPC, is continuously monitoring completeness thereof, incoming records and discharged foreign documentation, as well as quantitative status of the SPC as a whole.

The quantitative characteristics of the SPC showing the dynamics of the receipt of the patent documents for last four years are presented in Table 5.1.2.

Table 5.1.2

Acquisitions to the SPC

Patent documents included in the Collection
(Thousand of Copies)





Total, Included:















* From 2014 the accounting system of foreign documents in the SPC was changed, duplicates does not include in SPC.

In 2014, as before, the following key challenges in respect to the SPS functioning were met:

  • ensuring the patent information contents of the PatSearch system: preparation and uploading of the foreign patent documentation from optical disks, sites of foreign Patent Offices and the FTP servers to the PatSearch, review of the completeness and authenticity of the patent collections, organization of work on reconciliation and addressing gaps, interaction with the foreign patent offices aimed at solving problems in receipt of the documents in FTP mode for further uploading of data in the PatSearch system;
  • enhancing the SPC structure with the view of reducing its volume on paper by eliminating the duplicates on the results of the auditing of the collections on a different types of media;
  • improving the SPC comprehensiveness via integration of the non-patent literature and obtaining the access to the electronic versions of scientific and technical publications and databases, as well as patent literature in order to enhance information support of the users.

The SPC is customarily divided in two main parts – the Central Patent Collection (CPC) and the State Patent Examination Collection (SPEC), being arranged as independent collections of patent documents geared towards different aims and featured by specifics in respect to acquisitions and structure thereof.

5.2. Central Patent Collection (CPC)

The Central Patent Collection (CPC) is created for all the categories of users of patent information and comprises the collections of national patent documents (since 1814), foreign patent documents of various countries with different retrospective, abstracts and bibliographic data publications relating to all the titles of industrial property, patent law related literature, normative acts and various reference information, as well as a set of Indices and other reference and search aids to the said collections.

As of January 1, 2015, the CPC amounted more than 103, 5 million copies of patent documents of all kinds stored on different types of media.

In 2014, the CPC was updated with over 3,1 million copies of national and foreign patent documents on CD / DV-ROMs. The total number of various databases included in the CPC amounted to 276; they are presented on 56, 7 thousand optical disks (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R).

For the purposes of conducting the patent and information researches, the VPTB provides for all categories of the users an access to search engine PatSearch along with other modern patent information products, such as DB EPO Global Patent Index (GPI), EAPATIS and digital libraries of scientific literature E-Library, Scopus.

The SPC contains as its integral part the patent-law and dictionary-reference literature collections amounting to approximately 88.3 thousand publications. Users are provided with an access to the full-text legal databases, as well as electronic and book publications of publisher Kluwer Law and Business, Edward Elgar and others.

5.3. The State Patent Examination Collection (SPEC)

Another key element of the SPC is the SPEC, being designed to support the state patent examiners and introduced in a modern automated search engine PatSearch regularly updated by both domestic and foreign patent documents via downloading data from the specific network resources in the FTP mode and optical disks. The database of abstracts DWPI makes up another important part of the system that is regularly replenished.

The SPEC is also represented by the domestic automated patent information database and patent collection on paper.

The composition and content of the SPEC are subject to Rule 34 of the Regulations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), to which Rospatent is a party, and determined also by bilateral treaties and agreements with the other Offices.

As previously, in 2014, for the purpose of the state examination performance, an access to the STN International, the world’s leading online service for research and patent information in science and technology, and the EPO’s information retrieval service EPOQUE Net was provided.

As of January 1, 2015, more than 17 million patent documents of the former USSR, Russia, the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Canada, the Eurasian Patent Organization and the CIS countries. Collections of domestic and foreign patent documents on paper are according to the IPC had been included in the SPEC part maintained on paper.

In 2014, the SPEC on paper was added only by national patent documents, totally for this year 46.45 thousand domestic documents were received.

The needs of the state examination in non-patent literature was satisfied by the completion of the SPEC by patent, legal, scientific, technical, dictionary, reference, legal and other technical publications and periodicals, providing access to databases of the abstract (for example, database SCOPUS, publisher Elsevier), and (for individual request) via interlibrary exchange and electronic delivery of documents from the remote databases.

5.4. Official and Informational Publications of Rospatent

From January 1, 2014, within the framework of the practical implementation of Rospatent Order of September 10, 2013 № 112 «On approval of the Statute of the official publications of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property», the transition to more efficient production of electronic publications on all objects of industrial property was carried out.

FIPS specialists performed work on the creation of a new page of FIPS website «Official Publications» and development design and content thereof. The respective page of Rospatent portal was upgraded, and the interlink thereof to the FIPS web site was posted.

All official bulletins of Rospatent for 2014 were made publicly available on the FIPS website in the section «Official Publications».

These new developments have been available for the visitors of both sites as of January 10, 2014 – the date of posting on the Rospatent official bulletin «Inventions. Utility models» № 1, 2014. At the same time, the information published on these sites should be considered as an official publication with all the legal consequences that come with it.

The first official publication of the data on patent applications for the inventions, granted patents for the invention and utility models was made on the website on January 10, 2014 in the bulletin «Inventions. Utility models» № 1, 2014. The data on the patent applications for industrial designs was published on January 16, 2014 in the bulletin «Industrial Designs» № 1, 2014. The publication of the data on registered trademarks, service marks, appellations of origins and granting of the exclusive rights thereto was performed on January 12, 2014 in the bulletin «Trademarks. Service Marks. Appellations of Origins» № 1, 2014; and on January 20, 2014 Rospatent published the data on the registered computer programs, databases, topologies of integrated circuits in the bulletin «Computer programs. Databases. Topographies of integrated circuits» № 1, 2014.

In 2014, in the section «Official Publications» on the FIPS website, the following Official Bulletins were published:

  • «Inventions. Utility Models» (with specifications of Inventions) – 36 issues (disks);
  • «Trademarks. Service Marks. Appellations of Origins» – 24 issues (disks);
  • «Industrial Designs» – 12 issues (disks);
  • «Computer programs. Databases. Topographies of integrated circuits» – 12 issues (disks).

As of January 2014, the transition to a monthly preparation and issue of the Official Bulletin «Computer Programs. Databases. Topographies of Integrated Circuits» was completed.

In 2014, the following information was published in the Official Bulletins:

  • 63 509 announcements on Inventions, including 29 337 RU patent claims to applications for patent, 33 959 claims to applications for patent of the Russian Federation, 213 claims to inventor certificates and patents of the former-USSR, which were not published before;
  • 13 137 Utility Model claims;
  • 3747 announcements on Industrial Design Patents;
  • 26 773 announcements on Trademark registrations;
  • 4 announcements on the registration of Appellations of Origin;
  • 23 announcements on granting a Certificate to the right to use of Appellation of Origin;
  • 13 435 announcements on Computer Programs;
  • 1771 announcements on Databases;
  • 165 announcements on Topographies of Integrated Circuits.

In accordance with amended Article 1493 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Rospatent started the publication of the data on filled trademark applications in the Official Bulletin «Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin» № 20 for 2014 (date of publication 10.25.2014). As to the addition to paragraph 9 of Article 1522 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, it got also to the publication of the data on filled appellations of origin applications in the Official Bulletin «Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin» № 22 for 2014 (date of publication 25.11.2014). In 2014, 6211 announcements on filled trademark applications and 5 on filled appellations of origin applications were published.

In the reporting year, the official bulletins of Rospatent included totally about 128 780 publications concerning registered intellectual property rights and filed applications for inventions, trademarks and appellations of origin.

In 2014, 33 959 specifications to patents of the Russian Federation, 13 137 the fist pages of specifications of utility models to patents of the Russian Federation, 146 specifications to the Inventor’s Certificate of the former USSR related to the declassified inventions were published in the official bulletin «Inventions. Utility Models».

The titles of protection were prepared and sent to the holders of the all objects of intellectual property. In 2014, in comparison with to 2013, the average period from registration of the invention to the publication in the Official Bulletin has decreased from 2.5 months to 1 month and 20 days. As for the other objects of intellectual property, this period constituted approximately 1 month and 10 days. Specialists of the Institute will continue the work related to the further reduction of the deadline.

In addition, in 2014, the following classifications were published and posted on the official website: International Patent Classification, Revision 2014.01 (IPC 2014.01); International Classification for Industrial Designs (ICID, 10 edition); International Classification of Goods and Services for the Registration of Marks (10th edition), ICGS 2014 version (10-2014), as well as Annual Report 2013 of Rospatent.

As of 2014, FIPS stopped publishing paper editions containing the information on the content of the relevant official bulletin. They will be replaced by the bulletins issued since 2005 on the discs CD / DVD, and being quite familiar to the subscribers.

5.5. Supply of Information Services

Patent and information support of Rospatent specialist, FIPS examiners, employees of organizations subordinated to Rospatent, and all other interested Russian and foreign users is performed on the basis of the SPC directly in VPTB (information desks), or as in the mode of remote access, in particular, by providing information and telephone consultations, replays to written requests and posting of various information products on the FIPS website.

Table 5.5.1 shows key indicators of information services provided by the Patent Library on the basis of the SPC for the last four years.

Table 5.5.1

Information Services Provided by the Department VPTB FIPS

Amount (thousands)





New Subscribers










Documents Handed Out, Total, Including:





On paper










On Microforms





Reference information and Advice





Copies of Specifications Made for Visitors





In 2014, more than 3, 1 thousand requests made by the readers of VPTB FIPS and remote regional and foreign users for the following patent information services were executed: conducting patent and information search; performing factual inquiries; provision of certified copies of patent documents and other materials. Most the requests were related to search for the numbers of documents by the name of an inventor and / or the name of an organization.

The FIPS website provides an access for users as to variety of patent information retrieval systems and information products, including products developed by VPTB.

Updating and addition of materials, placed in the page «VPTB» of the FIPS website, are fulfilled on the permanent basis. «The Guide to the collections of VPTB and Internet resources», «Internet browser on patent information resources», «Recommendations on the list of the necessary methodological, legal, patent literature, documentation for the documentary patent departments and services of the state of scientific and educational sector and institutions that make up the National Nanotechnology Network»; Russian translations of the EPO publication «News of patent information» are updated quarterly. The bibliography lists to assist specialists of the regions on topical issues of intellectual property protection, judicial practice and commercialization of intellectual property results are posted monthly.

Such information as «Frequently Asked Questions», «Bibliographical references», «Thematic meeting», etc. are regularly updated. In 2014, the structure and content of the section «For Beginners», designed to help new users of patent information, were developed. The new section is available on the FIPS website.

The Electronic catalogue of patent law literature «Legal protection of intellectual property in the world: domestic and foreign publications» (as to 01.01.2015, Catalog includes information about 142.2 thousand documents) attracts a great interest among the users.

An abridged version of the Electronic catalog of patent law literature, which is updated quarterly and contains more than 88, 9 thousand documents, is posted on the FIPS website. Catalog is complemented by links to full-text documents posted on the Internet in free assess at the owners websites.

The requests of users to the information products of the Patent Library (VPTB) posted on the FIPS website are illustrated by Table 5.5.2.

Table 5.5.2

The requests of users to the information products of the Patent Library (VPTB)
posted on the FIPS website

Key figures, thousands





Users requests to section Unit «All-Russia patent technical library» (APTL) of FIPS

Number of requests





Number of pages viewed





User requests to section Digital catalogue of patent-law literature

Number of requests





Number of pages viewed





In 2014, on the basis of the Electronic Catalogue and other sources of information VPTB prepared bibliographic and information materials for participants of the events organized by Rospatent.

For the purpose of the international conference «Industrial Designs: Past, Present and Future» (April 24, 2014) dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the first Russian law on industrial designs, the following materials were prepared under the general title «Legal protection of industrial designs in Russia»:

  • collection of legal acts (1864-2013) that includes texts of legal documents;
  • bibliographic indexes: «Legal protection of industrial designs in Russia. Part I. Legal acts (1864-2013)»; «Legal protection of industrial designs in Russia. Part II. Comments and reviews».

Besides, the brochure «Industrial designs in the Russian Empire» was prepared.

To include as part of handout materials «Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation: innovations in the field of intellectual property» (October 8–9, 2014) for participants of the ХVIII Science and Practice Conference of Rospatent, a bibliographic index on this subject was developed.

VPTB provides services for Rospatent specialists in the mode of the Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI). SDI system allows the users to receive alarm information on publications relating to various aspects of legal protection of intellectual property rights all over the world. 100 participants of the system are registered as to December 2014. Throughout 2014, they received 189.5 units of information. Besides, bibliographic reference lists of literature were prepared at the individual requests of employees of FIPS and RGAIS.

A significant part (29,7 %) of the users of SPC are students of Universities. In 2014, the department VPTB FIPS organized for students of Moscow universities 30 visits and workshops related to work with patent documentation which was attended by 402 persons. Along with the Universities that have already for several years participated in such events (RGAIS, the State University of Management (SUM), the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISiS), the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, etc.), in 2014, such visits were originated for students of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) and the Moscow State Academy of veterinary medicine and biotechnology named after Skryabin.

In October – November 2014, the employees of the department also took part as lecturers at the seminars and workshops in the course of training activities organized by Moscow city organization of All-Union Society of Inventors and Rationalizers that were hosted by FIPS. In total, during 10 lessons on the subjects «Methods of searching for information on patent databases of inventions, utility models and industrial designs» and «Information Products of the department VPTB on the FIPS website», 457 persons were trained.

In 2014, 9 thematic meetings were organized, during which the leading examiners of the FIPS made their presentations. The meetings were devoted to questions of patenting of new chemical compounds, as well as inventions in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; legal protection of databases and inventions in the field of information technologies in the Russian Federation; procedures of filing and processing of applications under the PCT Treaty and Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH); of e-filing of trademark applications, conducting a search in PatSearch, etc. Among participants of the meetings, there were applicants and their representatives, scientists, teachers, students and post-graduate students of universities, representatives of large industrial companies, small and medium-sized businesses and other specialists interested in gaining knowledge in the field of intellectual property protection. In total 968 people from Moscow and the Moscow region, Vladimir, Obninsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Tula, Tver, Yaroslavl took part in the above thematic meetings. During these meetings, in the mode of videoconference on the basis of regional TISCs, interested users from Astrakhan, Belgorod, Novosibirsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Barnaul took also a chance to participate in these events.

The Activity of the Rospatent Museum is aimed at patriotic education, promotion and popularization of knowledge on intellectual property. In 2014, the main exhibition of the Museum was updated; 10 thematic exhibitions dealing with current events in the world of intellectual property, anniversaries and memorial dates were organized. Work on the development of a new form of museum exposition activity, namely organization of combined thematic exhibitions including exhibit items and photographs of FIPS employees was continued. 1800 people (employees of Rospatent and FIPS, participants of activities organized by the Office, users of VPTB) visited the Rospatent Museum.

Rospatent consistently implements activities aimed at creating a modern system of electronic publications using the latest advances in the field of processing, searching and access to information. In 2014, all the official bulletins of Rospatent were combined in new section «Official Publications» on the website of FIPS. Thus, as of January 1, 2014, the first official publication of information on patent applications for the inventions, granted patents for the inventions, utility models or industrial designs, registered trademarks or service marks, appellations of origin (hereinafter – AO), and granting of the exclusive right to the AO, registered computer programs, databases and topographies of integrated circuits, of the amendments in registration of these objects has been carried out in this section.

Along with publication of official publications of Rospatent in the Internet, FIPS continued to issue in 2014 the official publications for a wide range of the users. Publications were issued primarily in electronic form on CD and DVD, being accompanied by modern search tools and access to information.

As before, the central position in the system of these publications is given to bulletins on industrial property objects on CD and DVD equipped with the latest version of an information retrieval system MIMOSA. Over 300 annual sets of these publications were purchased by the users in 2014 (see Table 5.5.3).

A wide range of information products on optical disks included also the official Russian publications of international classifications of industrial property objects with the search systems that provide opportunities for profound search of patent documents. In 2014, the subscribers were offered on CD a new edition of the International Patent Classification – IPC-2014.01 together with the alphabetical subject index. Also, in 2014, a new CD version of the 10th edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services as amended (effective from January 1, 2014) was issued – IPC (10-2014).

Quick access to the accumulated array of Inventions on CD and DVD provides a quarterly search and reference unit (SPA) on DVD containing abstract information with links to full-text specifications posted on the FIPS site in the Internet (Table 5.5.3). In 2014, alongside with subscription of this edition, copying and delivering thereof was carried out in 124 Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC) of the Russian Federation.

In 2014, production on optical disks of arrays of retrospective patent information was continued: sets of descriptions of Inventions (since 1924), sets of descriptions of Utility Models (since 1994), sets of information on Industrial Designs (since 1993), sets of information on Trademarks (since 1991). In 2014, over 150 of such sets were spread totally (see Table 5.5.3).

Table 5.5.3

Distribution of Publication of FIPS Issued during 2014
on the Basis of Official Information of Rospatent

Name of Publication

Number of Sets

Bulletin «Invention. Utility Models» on CD/DVD


Bulletin «Trademarks. Service Marks and Appellation of Origin» on CD/DVD


Bulletin «Industrial Designs» on CD/DVD


Bulletin «Computer Software, Databases and Topographies of Integrated Circuits» on CD/DVD


International Classifications on CD and on Paper


Retrospective Annual Sets of Invention Specifications Covering the Period from 1924 to 2013 on DVD


Sets of Utility Models Specifications for the Period from 1994 to 2014 on DVD


Annual Sets of «Industrial Designs» for the Period from 1993 to 2013


Annual Sets of «Trademarks» for the Period from 1991 to 2013 on DVD


Set of Indices and Search Aids to Invention Specifications and Title Pages of Utility Models for the Period from 1994 to 2014 on DVD


In 2014, provision of services to users through the communication channels was continued – regularly the official patent information was provided for in electronic form via the Internet to the world online services, providers of patent information.

In connection with development of a range of electronic publications used in the mode of computerized search, since 2014, FIPS stopped issuing publications on industrial property objects on paper.

The total number of subscribers to the official information on optical disks that had a trend to decrease in recent years, practically stabilized at the level of 400 units in 2014 (see Table 5.5.4). However, organizations and enterprises engaged in innovation activities (scientific, industrial, and educational) remained stable users of information products. In 2014, active end users of the patent information products were the information services, offering customer service in the Russian regions, which was thanks to the development of TISC network in the Russian Federation (see Table 5.5.5)

Table 5.5.4

Number of Subscribers to Official Publications of Rospatent and Other Publications of FIPS
on the Basis of Official Information of Rospatent in 2009–2014


Number of Subscribers












CIS Countries






Foreign countries












Table 5.5.5

Distribution of Subscribers to Publications of Rospatent and Other Publications of FIPS
Issued on the Basis of Official Information of Rospatent Broken down
in accordance to their Activities during 2014

Category of Subscribers

Number of Subscribers


R&D Organizations



Research and Production Enterprises






Regional Informational Centers



Patent Offices, Ministries



Law Firms, Patent Attorneys, Private Persons



Private Organizations









Distribution of the subscribers of the Russian Federation by regions is presented in Appendix 4. Still, more than 70 % of subscribers are located in the Central, North-West and Volga districts.

In 2014, Rospatent and FIPS provided on their websites in the Internet an access to a wide range of databases, including electronic publications (see section 4.2 of the Report).

The content and structure of the website presenting the activity of Rospatent within the framework of its competence (www.rupto.ru) reflect the most important issues of intellectual property protection system in Russia.

A new section «Foreign Patenting» containing background information on systems of granting legal protection abroad was opened on the Rospatent website. A new PDF-version of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation supplied with navigation for quick access to the required items was uploaded in the section «Legal documents». Rospatent Report 2013 was posted on the website in Russian and English versions. In accordance with the principles of openness sections «Contacts», «Appeals of citizens in Rospatent», «Federal state information systems», «Government Service» were updated.

In 2014, «Open Data», where 7 sets of data in a format that ensures their automated processing to reuse without advanced change by a person (a computer-readable format) and on the terms of its free use, provided for a new form of services of visitors of Rospatent website section.

In 2014, simultaneously with Rospatent website, FIPS website (www.fips.ru) was actively developed, which was aimed at the comprehensive customer support at various stages of the legal protection of intellectual property.

In 2014, the structure of the section «Electronic interaction with applicants» (such as new headings, new approaches to the construction of this section and providing for information to facilitate user access to electronic services) was completely altered and posted on the FIPS website.

In order to promote public access in the field of intellectual property and assist new participants in the system of intellectual property, in 2014, the special section «For Beginners» providing for the information on the possibilities of protection and enforcement of intellectual property, carrying out a patent search, getting education in the field of intellectual property, etc., were made available on the FIPS website. This section also includes «Glossary» with interpretation of the terms used in the field of intellectual property. In the section «Patent Information Products» the materials, sensitizing the users to an effective use of the offered information products for search and analysis of the patent information, were placed.

In 2014, mini-website «Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC)» was created on the FIPS website, the content and structure of which reflects the systematic work of Rospatent on support of organizations and enterprises engaged in innovative activities in the regions of Russia.

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