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Annual report of Rospatent 2011 (Section 5)


Section 5. Maintenance and Development of Patent Document Collections. Official and Informational Publications of Rospatent. Supply of Information Services



5.1. The State Patent Collection

The State Patent Collection (hereinafter referred to as the "SPC") is a totality of information resources stored on any media (systematized and provided with a complex of indices and reference aids), which relate to all industrial property rights including registered computer programs, databases and topographies of integrated circuits and comprises patent documents, patent associated literature, patent law related publications, normative and methodological literature and other scientific and technical publications for reference purposes.

In 2011 the SPC was updated with national patent documents as well as foreign patent documents through international exchange and bilateral agreements with the Patent Offices of 57 countries and 6 international organizations.

Updating of the SPC with foreign patent documents is now being updated with foreign patent documents on optical discs (CD-ROM and/or DVD-ROM) received within the framework of the international exchange and documentation uploaded from the sites of the Patent Offices in accordance with new bilateral agreements.

In 2011 a national automated patent search system PatSearch which was put into commercial operation has become one of the most important elements of the SPC. The functionalities of this system are designed primarily for organization of working process of examiners, however in display class of the Patent Library this system can be used by all the categories of users.

All retrospective sets of national and foreign patent documentation of countries of the PCT minimum documentation, which are available on machine-readable media, are uploaded in the PatSearch system as well as current national and foreign documentation on optical disks and documentation uploaded from the sites of the foreign Patent Offices.

A massive refusal of using hard copies (optical disks) has taken place recently among the major participants of the international exchange of patent documentation. The current foreign patent documentation is now available only on the relevant sites. It can be used on the site directly or it can be downloaded for the further uploading in the national automated system. Such modes of operation do not fall under the scope of traditional international exchange and they need special agreements, which means that the format of the international exchange is changing.

In 2011 such agreements were concluded with the German Patent Office. Also there are negotiations with Patent Offices of Australia, China and France.

A well-known original abstract information of the representative part of the world patent collection of Thomson Reuters, is also uploaded in the national automated system PatSearch. In 2011 a significant work on drafting an agreement on prolongation of a «Contract on providing FIPS with updates for the DWPI database» with Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Ltd has been carried out.

A revision of the traditional agreements on international exchange is also carried out. In 2011 an agreement with the Patent Office of Kazakhstan has been amended and signed.

The structure of the international exchange of patent documents with foreign Patent Offices is illustrated by data shown in Table 5.1.1.

Table 5.1.1

Bilateral Exchange of Patent Documentation

Foreign Patent Documents Received for the SPC (Thousand of Copies)





Total, Including:





On Paper









National Patent Documents Sent Abroad (Thousand of Copies)

Total, Including:





The quantitative characteristics of the SPC showing the dynamics of the receipt of patent documents for the last four years are given in Table 5.1.2.

Table 5.1.2

Acquisitions to the SPC

Patent documents included in the Collection (thousand of copies)





Total, Including:















In 2011 the most important issues relating to functioning of the SPC were as follows:

  • Implementation of new functionalities of automated information and technological systems used for compiling and maintenance of the SPC for all the categories of users;
  • Enhancing the SPC structure with the view of reducing labor costs required for their use, including control of collection on traditional storage medium with the purpose of their withdrawal from the structure of the SPC;
  • Gathering of the statistics and the analysis of the quality control of multipurpose automated patent search system PatSearch, preparation for loading of the foreign patent documentation from optical disks and sites of foreign Patent Offices to PatSearch.

The SPC is traditionally is divided in two main parts – the Central Patent Collection (CPC) and the State Patent Examination Collection (SPEC). These collections are organized as independent collections of patent documents with different tasks and some peculiarities inherent to their acquisitions and structure.

5.2. Acquisition of the Central Patent Collection

The Central Patent Collection (CPC) is created for all the categories of users of patent information and comprises a collection of national patent documents (since 1814), collection of foreign patent documents of various countries with different retrospective, collections of abstracts and bibliographic data publications relating to all the titles of industrial property, collections of patent law related literature, normative acts and various reference information as well as a set of Indices and other reference and search aids to these collections.

As of January 1, 2012, the CPC amounted nearly to 102,2 million copies of patent documents of all kinds stored on different types of media.

In 2011 the CPC was updated with over 4,1 million copies of national and foreign patent documents on CD-ROMs.

In 2011 the CPC was updated with the following new information products on CD-ROM (Table 5.2).

Table 5.2

New databases (DB) on CD-ROM received in the CPC during 2011


Name of DB

Period, years



Australian Plant Varieties Journal (Internet)


Bulletin (plant variety)

Republic of Belarus

Электронный бюллетень «Товарные знаки и знаки обслуживания»


Bulletin (trademarks and service marks)


Official Bulletin for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants and Breeds of Animals (Internet)


Bulletin (plant variety and breeds of animals)


The Trade Marks Journal (Internet)


Bulletins (trademarks)


Geographical Indications Journal (Internet)


Bulletin (geographical indications)


Электрондык Бюллетень


Bulletin (inventions, industrial standards, trademarks)

North Korea

Official Journal of Invention


Bulletin (inventions)


Patenti un Precu Zimes (Internet)


Bulletin (inventions, industrial standards, trademarks)


Патенты и заявки (Internet)


Specifications of Patents

New Zeeland

Plant Variety Rights Journal (Internet)


Bulletin (plant variety)


МПК - ред. 2011.01 и АПУ. Расширенный уровень




Изобретения Стран Мира. Демоверсия. 2011 год


Abstracts (inventions)


Weekly Lists of patent applications (Internet)


Bibliography (inventions)


BOPI. Dessins et Mode`les (Internet)


Bulletin (industrial standards and utility models)


BOPI. Marques de Fabrique, de Commerce ou de Service (Internet)


Bulletin (trademarks)


Swiss Plant Variety Rights Journal (Internet)


Bulletin (plant variety)

The total number of various databases included in the CPC amounted to 260; they are presented on 49 thousand optical disks (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R). In 2011 nearly 1 thousand doublet copies of disks with the foreign patent documentation and 1,5 thousand ones with national patent documentation were transferred in the regional centers on a gratuitous basis.

Access to the Central Patent Collection (CPC)

The CPC is used for providing services to all the categories of users without any restrictions.

In recent years new automated information products, such as automated systems PatSearch, Global Patent Index (GPI), EAPATIS, which are modern and effective information products, have become available to all the categories of users of the Patent Library for carrying out information searches.

5.3. The State Patent Examination Collection (SPEC)

Another important integral part of the State Patent Collection is the State Patent Examination Collection (SPEC), which is intended for providing services only to state patent examiners on the basis of open access and is represented by the respective Patent Collection on paper (national and foreign patent documentation), by national automated information databases, including automated search system PatSearch.

The composition and content of the SPEC is regulated by Rule 34 of the Regulations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), to which Russia is a party, and determined also by bilateral treaties and agreements with other Offices.

In 2011 the SPEC was uploaded only with national patent documentation on paper media. In the reported year 61,5 thousand of national documents were added to the SPEC.

A part of the SPEC stored on paper includes collections of national and foreign documents arranged according to the IPC as well as collections of patent law related literature, scientific and technical publications and reference literature including dictionaries.

As of January 1, 2012, the SPEC on paper media comprised about 20 million patent documents of the former USSR, Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Austria, Canada, World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Patent Organization and the Eurasian Patent Organization, as well as patent documents of the CIS countries. The SPEC included also 99,5 thousand of books and journals in various areas of science and technology.

The patent and non-patent documentation represented in free and commercial national and foreign information products in the Internet (PatSearch, EAPATIS, GPI, esp@cenet, STN, SCOPUS, Kluwer Manual IP Online и Kluwer IP Cases etc.), are available for the examiners.

5.4. Official and Informational Publications of Rospatent

In 2011 Rospatent has continued publishing official bulletins on electronic media (CD-ROM) equipped with a search system:

  • «Inventions. Utility Models» (with specifications of Inventions) — 36 issues (disks);
  • «Trademarks. Service Marks. Appellations of Origin» — 24 issues (disks).
  • «Industrial Designs» — 12 issues (disks).

In 2010 the publication of the Official Bulletin of Rospatent «Computer Programs. Databases. Topographies of Integrated Circuits» was continued — 4 issues.

During the reported period the following information was published in the Official Bulletins:

  • 51870 announcements on Inventions, including 29998 RU patent claims, 21776 application claims, 1 claim to RU patent not published before, 95 claims to the former USSR inventor certificates and patents which were not published before;
  • 11079 Utility model claims;
  • 3489 announcements on Industrial Design Patents;
  • 23826 announcements on Trademark registrations;
  • 3 announcements on the registration of Appellations of Origin;
  • 19 announcements on granting a license for the use of Appellations of Origin;
  • 9238 сcomputer program annotations;
  • 881 database annotations;
  • 111 annotations to topographies of integrated circuits.

In 2011 a total of 29999 patent specifications, 11083 title pages of Utility Model specifications and 5 previously classified specifications to the former-USSR inventor certificates were published in the Official Bulletin «Inventions. Utility Models».

For all titles the corresponding protection documents were granted and sent out to the right owners.

In the reported year, in addition to official Bulletins of 2009, a number of Annual Indices were produced for Bulletins «Inventions, Utility Models» — 5 volumes.

Besides the Official Bulletins on CD-ROM, their paper copies were published, which contained the information being equal to that contained in the respective Bulletins: «Inventions, Utility Models» — 36 volumes, «Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin» — 24 volumes and «Industrial Designs» — 12 volumes.

5.5. Supply of Information Products and Services

The State Patent Collection (CPC) available in the Patent Library or by remote access is a basis for providing patent information services to the users of all the categories: specialists of Rospatent, examiners of the FIPS, other subordinate organizations of Rospatent as well as interested users of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and other regions.

An access to various automated search systems and information products, including those prepared by Patent Library, is granted to the consumers of patent information on Rospatent and FIPS websites.

Lists of recommended bibliography as an assistance for specialists on urgent issues of IP protection and court practice are posted on Rospatent and FIPS websites and regularly updated, «Recommendations as to a list of methodological, law and patent literature, documentation for support of patent departments and departments of state scientific and training activities of the organizations, forming national nanotechnology network», «Guide to patent collection and internet-resources of the Patent Library; Russian version of the EPO publication «Patent Information News».

An electronic catalogue of patent literature «Legal protection of intellectual property: national and foreign publications» (as of 01.01.2012 the catalogue contains information about 120 thousand documents). From 2011 the catalogue is supplemented with links to complete versions of documents, posted in the Internet with open access for patent /copyright holders. In 2011 the catalogue was requested by 32,5 thousand of the users and 192 thousand documents were viewed.

Table 5.5.1 shows main characteristics of information services provided by the Patent Library on the basis of the SPC for the last four years.

Table 5.5.1

Information Services Provided by the Department VPTB FIPS

Amount (thousands)





New Subscribers










Documents Handed Out, Total





On Paper










On Microforms





Reference information and Advice





Copies of Specifications Made for Visitors





Some decrease in numbers, indicated in Table 5.5.1, is due to the fact that recently a lot of new technologies for using patent information has become available to the users; that assists to optimize their activity by choosing the most efficient set of available information products for study and analysis.

It should be noted that among visitors of the Patent Library there is a stable increase of the number of the students coming from various Universities. During 2011 the Patent Library arranged 21 visiting tours and hand-on workshops relating to handling of patent documentation, in which 308 students of the Moscow Universities took part, 12 theme meetings with representatives of the biggest libraries, students and professors of Universities and other specialists who are interested in IP protection issues, which were attended by 303 people.

In 2011 over 6,3 thousand requests for patent information services were carried out for visitors of the Patent Library and for remote regional and foreign subscribers. The requests related to information patent search, identification of patent family members, subject matter search, and identification of the number of granted patent on the basis of an application number and so on.

Among the main users there were major industrial organizations, scientific centers, Universities and private visitors as well.

In 2011 the distribution of the official publications of Rospatent and FIPS has continued. They were prepared on the basis of official information provided by Rospatent for a wide range of users of patent documentation. These publications are available mainly in electronic format and are accompanied with modern means of search and access to information.

During 2010 the Official Bulletins covering all types of industrial property were published on CD and DVD and were accompanied by last version of an information retrieval system MIMOSA. More than 300 organizations and enterprises have been purchasing these bulletins regularly (Table 5.5.2). The most recent issues of the Official Bulletins were open for free access on the FIPS website.

Table 5.5.2

Distribution of Official Issues of Rospatent in 2011

Name of the Official Publication

Number of Sets

Official Bulletin «Invention. Utility Models» on CD/DVD


Official Bulletin «Trademarks. Service Marks and Appellation of Origin» on CD/DVD


Official Bulletin «Industrial Designs» on CD/DVD


Official Bulletin «Computer Software, Databases and Topographies of Integrated Circuits» on Paper


International Classifications on CD and on Paper


The offered set of information products has also included the official publications of the international classifications of industrial property rights in Russian, which were published on electronic media that provides new possibilities for profound search of patent documents.

In 2011 issue of retrospective annual sets of specifications of Inventions on DVD covering the period since 1924 was continued. In 2011 the subscribers have been provided with more than 100 sets of such information (Table 5.5.3).

Table 5.5.3

Distribution of Publication of FIPS Issued during 2011 on Optical Discs on the Basis
of Official Information of Rospatent

Name of Publication

Number of Sets

Retrospective Annual Sets of Invention Specifications Covering the Period
from 1924 to 2010


for the Period from 1994 to 2011


Annual Sets of «Industrial Designs» for the Period from 1993 to 2010


Annual Sets of «Trademarks» for the Period from 1991 to 2010


Set of Indices and Search Aids to Invention Specifications and Title Pages of Utility Models for the Period from 1994 to 2011


Quick access to accumulated databases of invention specifications stored on CD-ROM and DVD disks was facilitated by the quarterly issued search aids containing abstracts information along with references to the full text descriptions of invention, which were stored either on optical disks or FIPS website in the Internet.

In 2011 FIPS continued release of retrospective sets of information on optical disks about industrial designs (since 1993), trademarks (since 1991) and descriptions of utility models since 1994 (Table 5.5.3). It is important to point out the increased users’ interest to industrial designs — a number of sets provided to them has increased in 2011 in comparison with 2010 by 2,5 times.

In 2011 a form of the users’ service has been rapidly developing — the official patent information was transferred by electronic means through the Internet to the world online companies who act as providers of patent information. The number of consumers of such information has increased in 2011 and the variety of services has expanded.

Along with the release of wide range of electronic editions used in automated mode, an opportunity of receiving these publications on paper has been given to the users (Table 5.5.4). A number of these users is twice as low as a number of users of electronic editions and it tends to decrease more. In connection to this in 2011 an important issue has been worked at — an increase of efficiency of production of publications on paper by diversification of these publications, which will affect the publications in 2012.

Table 5.5.4

Distribution of Publications Issued by FIPS during 2011 on the Paper on the Basis
of Official Information of Rospatent

Name of Publication

Number of Sets

Bulletin «Inventions. Utility Models»


Bulletin «Trademarks. Service Marks. Appellations of Origin»


Bulletin «Industrial Designs»


Index to Bulletin «Inventions. Utility Models»


The total number of subscribers to the official information on optical disks and a paper has a trend to decreasing throughout the last years. It takes place, mainly, because of reorientation of considerable part of the users to make use of information files presented in the Internet and conventional on-line systems (Table 5.5.5). This decrease does not affect the number of the users of information products products on CD and DVD which continues to increase.

Table 5.5.5

Number of Subscribers to Official Publications of Rospatent and Other Publications of FIPS Prepared
on the Basis of Official Information of Rospatent in 2007–2011


Number of Subscribers






Russian Federation






CIS Countries






Foreign countries












The distribution of subscribers of the Russian Federation to regions is presented in Annex 4. The Most active consumers of the official information are organizations which are engaged in scientific and technical developments and industrial production (Table 5.5.6).

Table 5.5.6

Distribution of Subscribers to Official Publications of Rospatent and Other Publications of FIPS Issued
on the Basis of Official Information of Rospatent Broken down by Activities during 2011

Category of Subscribers

Number of Subscribers, %

R&D Organizations


Research and Production Enterprises




Regional Informational Centers and Libraries


Patent Offices, Ministries


Law Firms, Patent Attorneys, Private Persons


Subscription Agencies


Private Organizations






In 2011 the website of Rospatent (www.rupto.ru) provided access to extended set of the databases reflecting the process of development of official electronic publications (section 4.2 of this Report).

The content and structure of the website of Rospatent reflecting its main activities covered the most important issues of development of the system of Intellectual Property in Russia.

On the website a section «Cooperation with foreign Patent Offices in the framework of the project of accelerated patent office work» has been developed, a new structure of which has been regularly updated with new materials and has indicated an active participation of Rospatent in this project.

A new section of the website «Advisory Council of the Rospatent on the legal protection of designs» was created. In this section materials covering the activity of this new advisory body of Rospatent aimed at promoting the development of design in Russia and the improvement of its legal protection and protection of the designers' rights were published.

During the year publication for public discussion of draft Administrative Regulations of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property for implementation of various types of state functions has been carried out.

In 2011 along with the Rospatent website the FIPS website (www.fips.ru) has been actively operating. It is focused on full support of users on different stages of the process of IP legal protection and enforcement. In this connection it is important to point out a dynamic development of the section «Electronic Communication with the Applicants» which has been constantly updated with information for the users about the system of services connected with the electronic filling of applications.

In November 2011 a new English version of the FIPS website was opened. It was created to inform foreign visitors of the website about the activity and opportunities to obtain services and information products of FIPS.

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